Ritesh is our IT Administrator who also looks at investments in his spare time.

Ritesh invests in technology companies in Healthcare, Travel and Financial Services. He has a strong interest in companies solving uniquely Indian problems, and those that apply new technology to their industry for the first time.

Prior to Stellaris, Ritesh was a Partner at Helion, where he invested in online services and healthcare companies like Taxiforsure, Lifecell and Trulymadly. Before he moved to the dark side in 2007, he was a product manager for online and mobile consumer products.

Ritesh loves to engage in conversations about technology, economics, books, comics, and cricket - basically your average social media warrior. Once upon a time, he was quite outdoorsy but now survives mostly on past glory.

He has a B. Tech in Electrical Engineering from IIT Delhi and an MBA from INSEAD, and serves as Adjunct Faculty at IIM Bangalore.