Apoorv is passionate about start-ups. He has spent over 4 years in the trenches, successfully scaling a SaaS business in India, and then globally, in the USA, Latin America, and the Middle East. During this stint, he has played many roles including marketing, sales, product management, and even programmed a scrappy web page once!  

He believes in the power of 'a team on a mission' and is thrilled to meet people who are solving problems that have not been solved before. That would mostly describe his role at Stellaris - understanding startup teams, their missions, and helping them grow through investments, feedback, network support, a glass of beer, or whatever else he can bring on the table.

He is also big on calisthenics. In his spare time, he can be found practicing a triple under, or a new way to swing kettlebells. He can also take it slow on a few days when you'd find him listening to Kishore Kumar, or taking off for a drive on the highway.

Apoorv completed his bachelors with specialization in Finance from College of Business studies (CBS), Delhi University and is waiting to go to France to be at INSEAD at the end of the summer.